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About Rosh as seen in the Detroit News and FreePress.
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Rosh Sillars is a keynote speaker on the topics of digital marketing, social media and photography. He is engaging, informative and leaves your guests energized, wanting  more and making you the hero.

Have Rosh support you with your marketing plan or find your combination code to separate yourself from the competition.  Maybe you would like a little advice related to a topic from one of the GSF shows.  Feel free to email quick questions to Rosh (free) directly, but if you need a more time, consider the Skype options below.

Rosh is available for consulting via Skype, please pay for the service you want and email rosh through  In person one on one or group consulting is available through Synectics Media (email Rosh for a quote).  Consulting outside the metro Detroit area will require travel expenses.

Rosh Sillars Sprout rate $195 per hour
Rosh Sillars Oak rate $125 per hour – Sign up on the Oak Page.

Hire Dean La Douceur

Chief Everything Officer for a boutique sized marketing and logistics firm.

Dean La Douceur Sprout rate $145 per hour
Dean La Douceur Oak rate $60 per hour – Sign up on the Oak Page.