What is a Green Sprout Plus?

A Green Sprout Forum is regular meeting of business owners who wish to grow their business. There is a methodology to the forum.  It is designed to inform, educate and inspire, in a group atmosphere. The group keeps you informed and accountable to do what is needed to grow your business and reach your goals.

Green Sprout Plus is an advance site for people who are serious about growing their business.  Plus is not for everyone. If you would like an introduction to Plus try our basic sprout subscription service. The sprout subscription offers you access to our video archives, writings, forum and basic classes.

For those serious about developing their business at an advanced level you may subscribe to the Oak subscription service.  The Oak subscription service includes the same as the sprout service, plus advanced classes, 50% off all personal (one on one) consulting  and products available at GreensSproutForum.com, special online events and group consulting.

You may join our Green Sprout Forum hosts every week for free as they demonstrate the Green Sprout Philosophy. The show is broadcast live is live each Monday at 12PM EST  at GreenSproutForum.com and GreenSproutForum Google +. Each week our hosts share new ideas to grow your business and regularly invite special guests.

Weekly Agenda:

  • 12PM Welcome:
  • Success Share: Each member of the forum shares a success from the week before.
  • Education sharing: Each person in the forum sharing an interesting insight.
  • Weekly topic(s): The host(s) select a topic of the week or introduce the forum guest.
  • Take away: Each forum member shares one take away from the conversation
  • Announcements (optional): Each forum member shares one announcement or ask.
  • End 12:30PM. The forum may go longer with guest with a 1PM maximum end time.

Your Hosts:

Steve Gualtieri: Owner of Nexus Partners.

As a twin, he knows that no two clients are exactly alike, because no two people are.

Aptitude as a writer and proofreader gives him an understanding of the importance of a
well-crafted message, and an appreciation of attention to detail.

Fluent in Spanish, he recognizes that the language of social media, search engine optimization and web design can seem like their own language. Fortunately, he speaks that one, too, and with proficiency as an interpreter, he listens to (and makes sure to understand) prospects and clients.
Then (and only then) he uses skills honed in sales and corporate training to explain to them how we can support them.

Having a degree in Economics, he can help you to optimize your marketing budget, so give him a call…please (He also is polite.)

Dean La Douceur: Owner of Dean’s List Management Group.

Chief Everything Officer for a boutique sized marketing and logistics firm.

Researched, designed and implemented a bolt on strategy to organize, consolidate and develop resources from Round Table Promotions and launch new ventures.

Established new “Dean’s List Publishing” division, specializing in short run digital publishing and ePublishing, based on capstone project from MBA.

Developed, marketed and hosted series of conference call seminars to demonstrate expertise and identify strategic partners, prospects and opportunities. Attracted participants from North America and The United Kingdom.

Rosh Sillars: Photographer and Marketing Consultant.

Rosh owns the Creative representation firm The Rosh Group, Inc and serves as the director of social media at Synectics Media.  He is the author of three books, teaches at two universities and speaks around the world on digital marketing and social media ideas.